48 King Street, West Deeping, PE6 9HP Tel: 01778 347190

RED LION @ West Deeping - The Deepings best kept secret

Welcome to the Red Lion just 10 minutes outside Peterborough. We are a small family friendly independent pub serving you great food. with Gino in the kitchen cooking fantastic tasting dishes for you to enjoy.

Gino's menu has pub classics such as beefburger or fish and chips and just wait til you try our homemade handcut fat seasoned chips they are superb, if you don't believe us then come and try them for yourself. If fat chips are not for you then there are always skinny fries available.

Give us a call to book your table. We look forward to meeting you.

Gino, Vikki, Marie and Dave

Free Wi Fi

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Closed Mondays

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